Frequently Asked...


Q: How does the new consignment system work?

The traditional consignment arrangement is out and a new resale model is in!

So, what does that mean for buyers?

Nothing is changing really. New tags. New bags.

What does that mean for sellers?

Rather than being paid commissions after the fact on some of your sold items, we will be soliciting and accepting the items we're interested in and offering payments upfront


Q: is there a set schedule for drop offs?


Starting in May we will be accepting items almost every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm. Please check our Calendars for details on which items we are accepting and when.


Q: What is the Drop & Shop Discount?

So glad you asked...

Any Drop Day that you bring in items for cash you'll also receive 20% Off of your entire purchase if you shop. So not only will we help you clean out your closets, but we can also save you a ton refilling those voids :)


Q: how many items can i bring in at once?

We ask that you limit your load to 25 items per drop-off. You are welcome to participate in Drop & Shop days as frequently as you'd like though :)


Q: are there any other requirements for bringing in items?

For our best consideration and highest offers, please adhere to the following guidelines...

Clothing MUST be washed, stain-free, and with no holes or tears. We will only make offers on items in like-new condition.

No need for hangers, clothes should be laid flat or folded to avoid wrinkles.

Toys MUST be in proper working order, include batteries if needed,
and have all necessary parts and pieces neatly packaged. 

All other items should be wiped down or washed, and presented in the best condition possible.